Bred by Tom Toyama, Washington State University, this early season cherry is harvested 10-12 days before Bing.

The tree is productive, producing crisp, very firm texture, medium size, heart shape fruit.

Chelan has proven a popular early-season, local and export market cherry.


Tieton is an early- season, premium export- quality dark red cherry.

Similar to Bing in appearance, the fruit is very large in size with a glossy mahogany red skin and medium red flesh.

It ripens 6 to 9 days before Bing, has excellent firmness and a mild flavour.


Bred by Tom Toyama, Washington State University, Columbia is a mid-season, excellent quality dark red sweet cherry.

Similar in appearance to Bing, it has superior firmness and flavour.

The tree is self-fertile and productive.


Also known as Liberty Bell, Selah is a large, late-season cherry that ripens at the same time as Lapins.

Its high soluble solids, firm, relatively low acid, makes it a popular choice on the domestic and export market.

The tree is self-fertile and blooms several days before Bing.