Rex Graham

Rex Graham has been involved in the horticultural industry for 40 years in production, post harvest and marketing in New Zealand and Australia. During this time he was involved in some of the largest pip and stone fruit developments in those regions. For fifteen years he was responsible for the procurement of all fruit crops for the Heinz Wattie’s processing factory in New Zealand. He was Director of HortResearch (now Plant & Food NZ Ltd) and has held various national roles in the fruit industry. He is currently a director of several IP management companies operating in New Zealand, including Graham Greene Ltd.TM

Lew Dagger

Lew Dagger has Forty years experience in horticulture production and marketing. He is past Summerfruit export manager for T&G and MD for Fresh New Zealand Ltd, directly responsible for the export of over 1m TCEs of apples from New Zealand.

Lew has been involved in China for fifteen years and has lived there full time for twelve years. He is a recipient of special awards from Yunnan Provincial Government (2005) and Central Government (2009) for services to Chinese Agricultural Development.

Patrick Ballew

Patrick Ballew is an intellectual property attorney with twenty years experience, specializing in the worldwide commercialization of new plant varieties. He is the principle of Ballew Law which holds an additional degree in Asian studies from the Henry M Jackson school of international studies. He is a director and shareholder of Global Licensing association Ltd which hold the rights to the Pink Lady brand in Chile and New Zealand for the US market. Patrick also created the “Pier to Pier” licensing system that has become an international standard for administering trade in new varieties.

John Morton

John Morton is the Managing Director of John Morton Ltd (JML) an intellectual property management company with twenty five years experience in the New Zealand and international fruit industry. JML currently manages the following IP companies and programs:

New Zealand Fruit Tree Company Ltd (NZFTC) has the propagation and marketing rights for many of the world’s leading fruit variety breeding programs in the New Zealand market.

Zeesweet Ltd has the propagation and marketing rights for the Zaiger fruit varieties in New Zealand.

Reddy Robin® JML also manages the worldwide marketing program for Reddy Robin; an interspecific pear bred by Plant&Food.