Shennong Variety Management Ltd is an Intellectual Property Company (IP) that manages the importation, propagation, evaluation and commercialisation of new fruit varieties throughout the Chinese provinces.

Established in 2006, the company is based in and operates from Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China.The company’s objective is to manage and protect IP for domestic and international variety owners in China also to represent Chinese plant breeders in the international market and enable them to acces foreign retailers.

Since the company’s inception, Shennong Variety Management Ltd has established trial sites, located in the key horticultural production provinces of China.

Shennong Variety Management Ltd is the representative of Associated International Group of Nurserymen in China. Shennong Variety Management Ltd was accepted as AIGN® (Associated International Group of Nurserymean) Chinese representative, September 2008. Through its shareholders and AIGN® membership, the company has vast experience in the production and protection of intellectual Property.



Shennong was a legendary ruler of China and cultural hero of Chinese mythology who is believed to have lived 5,000 years ago, and taught ancient China the practices of agriculture.

Appropriately, his name means “the Divine Farmer.” Considered the father of Chinese agriculture, this legendary emperor taught his people how to cultivate grains as food, so as to avoid killing animals. He is also venerated as the Father of Chinese medicine and is believed to have introduced the technique of acupuncture. Shennong is credited with identifying hundreds of medical herbs by personally testing their properties.



Lew Dagger is an Associate of Shennong Variety Management Ltd and a citizen of New Zealand .

In 2009 he received the prestigious China Friendship Award as part of the recent celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

At the ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang presented the Award to 100 ‘foreign experts’ from around the world honoured on this occasion.

The tablet that is part of the Award, is inscribed with the words: “This Certificate of Friendship is awarded in appreciation of your enthusiastic support for China’s construction and your friendly co-operation”. A gold medal was also presented. Lew received the award for his specialised involvement in the horticulture industry in China.



Shennong Variety Management Ltd has established five trial site locations throughout China, working with, and in association with the following institutes and Chinese companies:

These are all secure sites where the performance and characteristics of each variety is assessed. Shennong Variety Management Ltd has established contractual arrangements with each institute or university.



The Associated International Group of Nurseries, or AIGN® as it has come to be known, is a worldwide organization which blends the diverse talents of a number of progressive nurserymen in the major growing areas of the world.

The development of AIGN® came as a result of a comprehensive study of the nurseries in the world’s major horticultural regions. In this new age of variety management where marketing programmes, inventory and quality assurance may mean the difference between success and failure of an intellectual property.

AIGN® has positioned itself to be an innovator and leader in this new method of product introductions.

Represented in:

AIGN® – moving the fruit tree industry into the 21st century

Mission Statement

To provide information through a continuous exchange of ideas relating to the viability and commercial worth of new and existing fruit varieties and rootstocks. To use this information for the purpose of expediting the testing and introduction of new varities. To work on behalf of all AIGN® members to provide an understanding of local laws and regulations regarding the importation, quarantine, testing and intellectual property protection and enforcement in each territory. To work on behalf of all AIGN®members to ensure the success of each member within its respective territory. To work on behalf of the breeders that we represent to facilitate the best return for their investment.